Software Development

Valley Helping Hands is an international provider of OpenSource content engineering technologies and expertise. Our services allow both small and large organizations the ability to publish and promote their information via the Internet. Our network is leveraged to distribute your publication including static and dynamic content on a global scale. This translates to reliability and scalability. We provide comprehensive OpenSource server side applications and services including full featured hosting, domain registration, interactive management, and website statistics to provide detailed information on your end users and the effectiveness of your Web site’s content.

Valley Helping Hands turn key content delivery solutions allow enterprises and service providers the ability to optimize the management, distribution, and delivery of their products and services. Our primary goals are to increase revenue streams for our clients, improve end-user performance, and deliver cost savings. Surfs Global’s content delivery and management solutions are comprised of products and services which allow enterprises and service providers to efficiently deploy high-performance, user friendly, interactive content management to increase their business marketability.

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