Big Tech and Big Government Censoring You on Social Media? Is Your Website Next?

Vloggers and Bloggers who have spent years building their fan base on big tech platforms “free” services are waking up to find their accounts deleted and BANNED. (Nothing comes free in this world,  if it’s free, you don’t own it and you certainly have no control over it. ) So then it amazes me that they go to Big Tech hosting providers like Godaddy or Wix or any server in the US for that matter to set up their “own” website, do they not realize the same Big Tech and Big Government still hold their content, but now they’re paying them to spy on them, and delete and ban their website, files and email without notice?

  •   When you choose an offshore root service with Vhhweb  you’ll enjoy:

    • Cost-Friendly Plans. In addition to offering email and site protection, we secure our servers with state-of-the-art physical security measures
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    • Anonymity and Freedom of Speech.
    • Complete Ownership and Control of Your Content.
    • Strict NON-DMCA privacy laws which protect you from censorship and unwanted prying eyes.

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